Annie Bauer

  • Junior Keynote Speaker
  • University of Madison-Wisconsin

Annie Bauer is an Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. Her research focuses on the development of a habitable planet, including the origin and evolution of Earth’s crust and the oxygenation history of the atmosphere and oceans. She specializes in the application of radiogenic isotope systems as clocks to place rocks into the appropriate stratigraphic and Earth history context and as tracers of a variety of processes, such as mantle melting or degrees of chemical weathering.


Annie Bauer’s keynote:


  • Theme 1: Granites in geodynamic sites, planets and time

    This theme deals with the Big Picture: where and when do granites and related rocks form? What controls their differences between various sites on our planet, or indeed between planets? How did granite magmatism evolve in time, and how does it impact the nature and evolution of the continental crust?