People involved in the Xth Hutton

The Xth Hutton Symposium was organized and ran by a large number of people, who volunteered to help in various capacities. This made the Conference a true community effort, which is the way we envisionned it.

Baveno, September 2023. The future and the past. The Xth Hutton organization committee mingles with the organizers of the XIth Hutton in India.


The core of the structure was made of a group of coordinators, one from each of the three main organizing institutions, with the following roles:

Olivier Bachmann, ETH Zürich, Switzerland. Financial coordinator. Finances and website were managed by ETH, meaning that all payments went to ETH and all bills were paid from there.

Federico Farina, Università degli Studi, Milano, Italy. Logistic coordinator, in charge of liaising with hotels, conference center, buses and so on.

Jean-François Moyen, Université Clermont-Auvergne, France. Scientific coordinator and web site administrator.

Exectutive committee

The three coordinators, plus the field trip leaders formed an executive committee, tasked with running the conference, taking final decisions, etc. It includes the following members:

Olivier Bachmann,  ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Federico Farina, University of Milano, Italy
Patrizia Fiannacca, University of Catania, Italy
Lydéric France, CRPG, Nancy, France
Jean-Baptiste Jacob, University of Oslo, Norway
Vojtěch Janoušek, Charles University, Prague, Czechia
Oscar Laurent, CNRS, Géosciences Environnement Toulouse, France
Jean-François Moyen, Université Clermont-Auvergne, France
Othmar Müntener, University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Peter Ulmer,  ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Scientific committee

The job of the scientific committee was to decide on themes, draft the scientific program, invite keynote speakers, organize and chair sessions. The Committe was built with the goal of being as representative as possible and includes individuals (mostly mid-career to senior) of various genders, nationalities, scientific interests and tools, views and opinions on granite geology:

Catherine Annen, Institute of Geophysics of the Czech Academy of Science

George Bergantz, University of Washington, U.S.A.

Fatima Bitencourt, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Luca Caricchi, Université de Genève, Switzerland

Bernardo Cesare, Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy

Cyril Chelle-Michou, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Bill Collins, Curtin University, Australia

Michel de Saint-Blanquat, Univeristé Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France

Rita Economos, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, U.S.A.

Oliver Jagoutz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S.A.

Santosh Kumar, Kumaun University, Nainital, India

Cin-ty Lee, Rice University, Houston, U.S.A.

Valbone Memeti, California State University, U.S.A.

Calvin Miller, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, U.S.A.

Juan Otamendi, Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto, Argentina

Encarnacion Roda-Robles, Universidad del País Vasco/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, Spain

Roberto Weinberg, Monash University, Australia

Yong-Fei Zheng, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, China

Further help

Many more were involved in the Conference, in various capacities. For instance, there were colleagues…

Helping with organizing and running field trips

Calabria field trips. The leaders are easily recognizable by their orange T-shirts!
Last minute planning for the Ivrea Zone mid-conference excursion

Convening and chairing sessions

Your time is UP, I said !!

Setting up a photo exposition, a thin section/map display, etc.

There were nice granite photos on display, offering participants an opportunity to discuss them and comment on their (geological) meaning…

Organizing a “best poster award” competition during the conference

Five “anonymous judges” who were not going to stay anonymous for much longer!
Discussion time between the judges. It was in fact much more work than they bargained for!

And for the record, the winners were Juliet Ryan-Davis (Caltech), Tiago Angelo (Queen’s University) and Sayan Maity (Banaras Hindu University).

Organizing side meetings and work for the community in general

Manning the registration desk, answering emails, driving cars, and more…

Many participants involved themselves in some way or some other. All helped to make this conference a truly memorable experience!

You can view most of them during the final moments of the conference: