Bernard Bonin

  • Overview Speaker
  • Universit√© Paris-Sud

Bernard Bonin is emeritus professor at Université de Paris РSaclay (a merger of several universities including Paris-Sud, France). He led during 35 years the Eurogranites field meetings, visiting 16 European countries and Canada. His main fields of interest concern granitoids and their environment in post-collisional and non-orogenic settings, using many techniques from field studies to laboratory works (mineral and whole-rock geochemistry). He studied continental areas (Brazil, France, Hoggar, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Romania) as well as islands (Corsica, Kerguelen archipelago). His more recent field of interest covers the possibility of granitoids in terrestrial planets and asteroids.


B. Bonin’s keynote (NB. In absence of B. Bonin, for personal reason, this keynote was actually given by J.-F. Moyen)


  • Theme 1: Granites in geodynamic sites, planets and time

    This theme deals with the Big Picture: where and when do granites and related rocks form? What controls their differences between various sites on our planet, or indeed between planets? How did granite magmatism evolve in time, and how does it impact the nature and evolution of the continental crust?