Bruna Carvalho

  • Junior keynote speaker
  • Universit√† degli Studi di Padova

Bruna investigates migmatites and granulites to understand anatexis and fluid regime of the deep continental crust and their impact on granite magmatism and crustal differentiation. Her main interest lies on how crustal magmas are formed and how their composition (major, trace and volatile elements) may change before segregation from the source to form granites. At the moment she works on melt and fluid inclusions in peritectic garnet from ultrahigh temperature granulites and also on highly silicic volcanics rocks to probe their origin and volatile budget.

Bruna Carvalho’s keynote:


  • Theme 2: Genesis of granitic magmas: Competing models, competing processes

    This theme is about the processes that lead to the formation of granitic (s.l.) magmas, and in particular aims at discussing the various pathways that may lead to them: melting, fractionation, mixing etc. This is the right place to tackle the old issue of the respective roles of mantle and crust. Information can be gained from a range of sources from experiments, models, geochemical data and more.