Veronica Oliveros

  • Junior keynote speaker
  • Departamento Ciencias de la Tierra, Universidad de Concepción, Concepción, Chile

Veronica Oliveros is Associate Professor at the University of Concepción. Her research interests include the magmatic and tectonic evolution of the Paleozoic and Mesozoic Andean convergent margin and the contribution of the associated magmatic arcs to global crustal growth. She studies the very altered igneous rocks of the pre-Cenozoic Andean geological record by combining petrology, geochemistry, and field geology. She also works with petrological and mineralogical tools to determine drivers of volcanic eruptions; the use of automated mineralogy to develop fast classification of ordinary chondrites from the Atacama Desert; and geological/ geochemical tools to monitoring ecosystem services and providing local-scale useful information for the governance of natural commons and resilience of rural communities in the context of climate change.

Veronica Oliveros’ keynote:


  • Theme 1: Granites in geodynamic sites, planets and time

    This theme deals with the Big Picture: where and when do granites and related rocks form? What controls their differences between various sites on our planet, or indeed between planets? How did granite magmatism evolve in time, and how does it impact the nature and evolution of the continental crust?