Code of conduct

As scientists, we take our responsibilities seriously and therefore wish to outline the following code of conduct, outlining our obligations and duties towards other scientists, and other members of our community taking part to the Hutton X. Adherence to this code of conduct is mandatory for all participants to the conference and the organizing committee reserves the right to take any appropriate measure, up and including demanding the offenders to leave the conference immediately.

Responsibilities towards scientific and academic integrity.

Participants to the conference are expected to follow usual guidelines for professional integrity, including honest and transparent reporting of results, citing of previous work, proper authorship, and no appropriation of other people’s work. We expect participants to respectfully attend the presentations and events, without disrupting, as well as photographing or recording without explicit consent.

Responsibilities towards members of the community, present or not at the conference

A key goal of this Code is to ensure that all members of our community feel welcome and get a sense of belonging.

The organizers of Hutton X are therefore committed to provide a professional and welcoming atmosphere in which all participants are treated with courtesy, consideration and respect. 

We expect all participants to behave in a similarly responsible and respectful manner, by being careful of how their language and actions may impact others.

We also stress that all oral and poster presentations, as well as discussions in the context of the conference, are firmly expected to be free of any comment, joke or image related to ethnicity, geographic provenance, religion, gender, sexual orientation, physical appearance, physical ability, age, career and so forth.

Responsibilities towards the larger public and community

The Conference is hosted in a small town and we anticipate that participants will take advantage of this setting for social gatherings. We wish to remind all that they should behave with appropriate respect to the local community, in particular with respect to late night noise, damage to property, etc.