Inflation, alas…

Well, you can guess the content of this post based on its title. Like the rest of the world, we are suffering from inflation, and in particular we are hit hard by the cost of accommodation and petrol, which is particularly bad for field trips, but also for catering during the conference, mid-conference excursion and so on.

We tried hard to keep the price under control, and are trying to secure as much financial help from various sources as we can. We hope to have several sponsors and to be able to secure a reasonable level of financial help. Still, we have to increase the price of almost everything: the field trips, and the conference itself.

When it comes to the conference, we decided to stick to one basic principle – no hidden cost, no options that will price out the youngest or poorest participants. So the price will be all inclusive: no abstract fees, no optional conference dinner or activities. Either you are a full participant, or you are not. No second rate delegates…

We are looking at a price of ca. 700 € for the conference, discounted to 500 € for students. Yes, it is more than the previous Hutton, and it is more than we were willing to charge originally. On the other hand it is comparable to the big conferences (AGU, Goldschmidt, EGU…), and we think it is better value, as the price will include

  • Icebreaker
  • Coffee breaks and evening beer
  • Mid-conference field trip
  • Conference dinner
  • Abstract submission and, in general, all conference expenses.

We hope you will find, as we do, that it is worth coming !

On that note, it would help our organisation if you could pre-register and state your interest in the conference, field trips etc. If you consider coming, could you spare a minute to fill in the pre-registration form here ? We expect to start registration by Early February.