Projects and community building

During the conference, several ideas were floated to keep the community alive between the Hutton meetings. We will add relevant details and links when possible.

The granite-research mailing list

The granite research list was launched after the Second Hutton Symposium, in Maryland in 1991. It has been very active in the 1990s and 2000s, to the point perhaps of becoming a bit challenging for newcomers. Although it is still technically alive, it is mostly dormant these days.

There are, however, ideas to revive it – perhaps updating to a more modern platform, or introducing a degree of moderation to ensure more courteous exchanges. Watch this space!

A space for “junior” members of the Community?

During the final discussions, it appeared that there is appetite for a meeting point for Early Career Scientists working on granites – perhaps more focussed on their own needs (jobs, grants etc.) and without the watchful eye of the “elders”. This has now materialized with a server called “granite geeks” on discord. It is coordinated by

Before joining this platform, please have a read of the code of conduct and consider if you fall into the early career category (e.g. undergraduate, masters, PhD, postdoc etc). Conversations will be monitored by members of the moderator team.

A diamond open access journal?

Why not, indeed, launch a journal around themes related to granite geology? Oscar Laurent ( is willing to coordinate efforts, and led a discussion to that effect during the conference. Be in touch with him!

Resurrecting eurogranites?

The Eurogranite field trips (based in Europe as the name implies, although they included participants from all continents and some happened in America!) were a series of yearly trips, organized in the 1990s and 2000s by volunteers taking turns to offer something in their own country.

As the participants, and the main coordinator, aged, Eurogranites disappeared. Vojtech Janoušek ( convened a discussion to explore the possibility to start again. Contact him!