The XIth Hutton symposium in …. ?

The Hutton symposium happens every 4 years. At the end of this meeting, we will decide where the next one will be held!

As usual, there will be presentations of the competing bids, and a vote.

If you are prepared to organize the next Hutton (notionally, in 2027), now would be a good time to start thinking about it. Prepare a short (5′) presentation, highlighting the key points of your proposal – where do you want to run the conference, when, any good field trips possible, a particular aspect you want to emphasize, how you want to shape the conference, etc. Each bid will be presented during the final session, and we will organize a vote.

Until the last minute, it is not too late to make an offer – but it would indeed help us if you let us know in advance of your intentions.

We are happy to discuss the matter with you if you want!