Room sharing

Are you looking for affordable accomodation in Baveno ? Did you rent a flat and need a room mate ? You can use the comments under this post to advertise either what you offer, or what you need.

Use this virtual notice board by putting an offer, or a request, together with a way to reach you (email…). We will not coordinate, centralize or take any responsibility, but you are welcome to use this space to reach other participants.

Please note – comments are moderated, so allow a few hours or even a couple of days (depending on my commitments) for your ad to appear.

4 thoughts on “Room sharing

  1. Dear everyone,

    I am Damiano Russo, a PhD student from the University of Catania, Italy, who will join Xth Hutton Symposium in Baveno.
    I have booked a double room at “Hotel Azalea” (six-minute walk from the conference venue) for 48€ per night.
    If anyone is interested in sharing the room please reply to this comment or contact me at Thank you.

    Best regards and see you in Baveno!

    Damiano Russo

  2. Dear everyone,
    I am Abhishek Kumar Madhesiya, a Research student from the University of Lucknow, Lucknow, who will join the Xth Hutton Symposium in Baveno.
    I need a single bed from a double bedroom during the conference period.
    If anybody has please contact me at

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