The party is over (but it was fun while it lasted)

Well, there you are. The Xth Hutton Symposium is finished and we are all returning home.

Many things happened during the conference, socially, scientifically but also in terms of community building, and we hope that the spirit of this rather good conference will live on!

Best poster prize(s) were awarded to Sayan Maiti (Banaras Hindu University, India); Juliet Ryan-Davis (California University of Technology, USA); and Tiago Angelo (Queen’s University, Canada).

We also had two bids to organize the XIth Hutton Symposium, in SW United States and in India. Both bids were excellent and very attractive. In the end, we voted and decided to go to India in 2027.

This website is not completely dead. We will upload videos of the talks, and keep it online for a period of time, perhaps a year or two. In the next few weeks, we will however reorganize it to reflect the new state of affairs…

As we discussed during the final session, we will be in touch with you by email regarding the special issue. We will also circulate a list of names and affiliations (no emails, for obvious privacy reasons).

We will also use the list of participant’s emails to diffuse information about various community-driven propositions:

  • Resurecting the (semi-defunct) granite research list, perhaps finding way to make it a more friendly discussion forum;
  • Perhaps, talks about a “young researchers” section;
  • The idea of an open-access journal edited by and for the community;
  • Plans to resurrect the old eurogranite meetings.

If you have further ideas, do not hesitate to contact us !

See you in India !

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