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Projects and community building

During the conference, several ideas were floated to keep the community alive between the Hutton meetings. We will add... Read More

Special issue

Since the first Hutton symposium nearly 40 years ago, a special issue collecting papers presented at the conference was... Read More

The XIth Hutton Symposium

Following the vote held in Baveno, the next Hutton Symposium, scheduled for September 2027, will be held in Gautam... Read More

The Hutton Symposium

The tenth Hutton Symposium was held in Northern Italy, on the shore of the beautiful Lago Maggiore, from the... Read More

People involved in the Xth Hutton

The Xth Hutton Symposium was organized and ran by a large number of people, who volunteered to help in... Read More

204 participants

… were in Baveno in September 2023 (sadly, nobody thought of getting a group photo!). You can download their... Read More

Best poster awards

Awards went to Juliet Ryan-Davis (Caltech), Tiago Angelo (Queen’s University) and Sayan Maity (Banaras Hindu University). In addition to... Read More

Field trips

Pre- and post-conference trips Several fieldtrips were planned before and after the conference. Unfortunately, some of the trips did... Read More

The party is over (but it was fun while it lasted)

Well, there you are. The Xth Hutton Symposium is finished and we are all returning home. Many things happened... Read More