Theme 4: Fluids in and around granites

Juliana Troch Junior Keynote Speaker /RWTH, Aachen
Thomas Driesner Overview speaker /Department of Earth Science, ETH Zürich
Tobias Keller Junior Keynote Speaker /Institute for Geochemistry & Petrology, Department of Earth Sciences, ETH Zürich, Switzerland.
Weiran Li Junior keynote speaker /University of Hong Kong, Department of Earth Sciences

In this theme, we discuss the role of evolution of melts, supercritical fluids, etc. in particular during final cooling and solidification of plutons. We also address the textural development of granitoids. We welcome contributions on pegmatites, ore deposits, geothermal fluids, etc.



C. Annen (Prague)

C. Chelle-Michou (ETH, Zürich)

R. Weinberg (Monash University, Melbourne)